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Copyright Ownership

Site First Established On March 3rd, 2013

New Site Created & Published On June 22nd, 2014

Seraphic Planetary Government

Planetary Prince Christ Michael

Chris Dwaine Christensen - Majestone

Mechalona Evelyn Christensen Majestone

Machiventa Melchizedek Christensen Majestone - Vicegerent

Adjudication of Urantia

Sovereign Planetary Government

Declared Sovereign April 1st, 2013

4-10-2013 Planetary Prince Chris Dwaine Christensen - I am the sole Father and Creator of the UltraSword Personal Spirit beings. They are an innumerable order of multiplying spirits. I have now established and officialized the Urantia Planetary Universal UltraSword Administration. I have appointed 8,000,000,000 (8 Billion) UltraSwords to this force on Urantia. UltraSword #008 is now Supreme UltraSword Chief of this planetary administration. They have the authority to execute evil human beings.

Privately Owned Government

Owned By Christ Michael - Chris D.C.

4-8-2013 11:45 PM MST USA Planetary Prince HQ - There arrived from Salvington this evening at 11:45 PM MST U.S.A. at Planetary Prince’s HQ – The Urantia Planetary Government Sovereignty Documents and Titles.

Now we have our Official new Sovereign Planetary Government Title and the Certified Sovereign Planetary Prince’ Title in the name of Chris Dwaine Christensen – Michael of Nebadon

*See The Newly Re-Designed Majestone.com Military & Police Force Web Site!!

Sovereign Planetary Prince

The Sovereign Urantia Planetary Government will be ruled directly by the Planetary Prince.

No other national sovereignty shall be establishe

The Urantia Universal Justice Commission shall decree laws.

The New World Government

All planetary citizens shall obey all laws and ordinances or be subject to immediate prosecution. The Universal Police Force and its divisions shall enforce Universal Law

Judgment Guidelines

Urantia 606 of Satania of Norlatiadek of Nebadon of Orvonton

1. Soul Status

A. Survived

B. Non-Survived

2. Records of Lifetime

A. Non-Criminal

B. Criminal

3. God Knowing

A. Faith Son

B. Non-Faith Son

4. Progress

A. Progressive

B. Non-Progressive

5. Condition

A. Physically Able

B. Non-Physically Able

6. Judgment Results

A. Remain

B. Taken

7. Placement

A. Supreme Status

        B. Rehabilitation

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Seraphic Planetary Government

Planetary Prince

Christ Michael

Chris Dwaine Christensen - Majestone

Mechalona Evelyn Christensen Majestone

Machiventa Melchizedek Christensen Majestone - Vicegerent

The Universal Police Force is a Global Ministry of Celestial Beings, Angels, Spirit Children, Men & Women who are a very powerful and effective Force spreading the True Gospel of Jesus for the salvation of mankind and to establish Peace on earth (Urantia.).

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Universal Police Force

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