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Sovereign Planetary Government

Declared Sovereign April 1st, 2013

4-10-2013 Planetary Prince Chris Dwaine Christensen - I am the sole Father and Creator of the UltraSword Personal Spirit beings. They are an innumerable order of multiplying spirits. I have now established and officialized the Urantia Planetary Universal UltraSword Administration. I have appointed 8,000,000,000 (8 Billion) UltraSwords to this force on Urantia. UltraSword #008 is now Supreme UltraSword Chief of this planetary administration. They have the authority to execute evil human beings.

Privately Owned Government

Owned By Christ Michael - Chris D.C.

4-8-2013 11:45 PM MST USA Planetary Prince HQ - There arrived from Salvington this evening at 11:45 PM MST U.S.A. at Planetary Prince’s HQ – The Urantia Planetary Government Sovereignty Documents and Titles.

Now we have our Official new Sovereign Planetary Government Title and the Certified Sovereign Planetary Prince’ Title in the name of Chris Dwaine Christensen DBA; *Christ Michael* ‘Michael of Nebadon’

*See The Newly Re-designed

Majestone.com Military & Police Force WebSites: also designed by *WEAPON*!!

Sovereign Planetary Prince

The Sovereign Urantia Planetary Government will be ruled directly by the Planetary Prince.

No other national sovereignty shall be established.

The Urantia Universal Justice Commission shall decree laws.

The New World Government

All planetary citizens shall obey all laws and ordinances or be subject to immediate *prosecution or even *execution. The Universal Police Force and its divisions shall *enforce Universal Law.

Illuminati & Mind Control

What is Mind Control/ Psychotronic Torture?
- Actually, the goal of mind control is to access those areas of the brain that are outside of the conscious control of the individual by circumventing the normal inhibiting response of the cerebral cortex: “an individual’s voluntary conscious self-control must be bypassed or short-circuited.” This unconscious coercion is done through electromagnetic-wave bombardment of the brain, .i.e. bombarding of the brain with low-frequency radio waves. These airborne waves can travel over distances and are known to change the behavior of animals and humans in their path. Such remote control makes possible potentially frightening uses for altering the brain’s functioning. These are invisible and deadly waves. -
(Posted here: Tuesday, September 09, 2008)



Judgment Guidelines

Urantia 606 of Satania of Norlatiadek of Nebadon of Orvonton

1. Soul Status

A. Survived

B. Non-Survived

2. Records of Lifetime

A. Non-Criminal

B. Criminal

3. God Knowing

A. Faith Son

B. Non-Faith Son

4. Progress

A. Progressive

B. Non-Progressive

5. Condition

A. Physically Able

B. Non-Physically Able

6. Judgment Results

A. Remain

B. Taken

7. Placement

A. Supreme Status

        B. Rehabilitation


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SEQUESTRATOR®, Incorporated

The Sequestrator® Operating System & Software Company  is designed to be accompanied by a specialized computer MegaFrame® hardware  format & server system with enhanced DuraForce® non-penetratable materials for electronic communication protection, security & anti-theft messaging protocols that also includes mobile devices made exclusively for the SEQUESTRATOR® Members Only clientele base & utilities group.

This infrastructure will be un-matched, Patent protected & Copyright secure utilizing in-house law enforcement measures established and owned by the sole independent creator.

The Urantia Planetary Government, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs, the Universal Police Force & the Urantia Universal Military shall ensure the property & safety of all contents, customers, authors, creators, inventors, club members, employees, clients, artists & any other SEQUESTRATOR® user that complies by all ordinances, policies, procedures, contracts, agreements, terms and conditions.

A minimum monthly membership fee will be mandatory to provide a continuous influx of funding which will help provide resources necessary to attain the highest quality standards.

Also we must use our own factory made equipment which will also require a minimum investment from each member.

And because many people use mobile devices that also require communications connections SEQUESTRATOR® will be an independent network to eliminate the potential hazards of outsiders penetrating our guarded systems.

So a minimal contractual obligation must be met for subscribing members.

The cost of developing, maintaining & securing this segregated community of devices and systems must be congruent and universally compatible with all of our member's equipment & instruments.

Profit sharing will be distributed to all members which will enrich our wonderful new and amazing enterprise.

*Government Corruption is rampant in this world!! So in order to insure the privacy of all of our member's and their lawful contents and creative works a Membership Fee, Annual Dues, plus the cost of Premier Title Edition(s) - (Suite Disk) will be required.

ANY GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR, EMPLOYEE, AFFILIATE, LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, CONTRACTOR, EMPLOYEE OR AFFILIATE WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A $21 Billion Dollar Non-Refundable Bond plus, all other applicable fees to view any of my or other members personal, private or business property, documents or apparatuses!!

Penalty For Trespassing, Invasion of Privacy, Breaking and Entering, Theft, Criminal Deception or any Violation of Universal Police Force Laws:

All violators will now be automatically charged a $21 Billion Dollar fine and penalty payable to:

Chris Dwaine Christensen 406 E. 300 S. #105 Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - Patent Owner/Author/Inventor/Founder & CEO


COPYRIGHT© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen®

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*All Rights Reserved - Including World Property, Wealth, Resources & Intellectual Creations of Individual Contributions*

All Properties of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Estates & Values Are Protected By The Universal PoliceForce.Com®, SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System, the Urantia Planetary Government, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs & the Urantia Universal Military  “WEAPON” Divine Family Enterprises.

Chris Dwaine Christensen



81A South First Street Suite 9A

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Wendover, Utah 84083

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June 19th, 2015 ~ August 15th, 2016 ~ April 23rd, 2017

The Universal Police Force & The Urantia Planetary Government are now issuing these alerts:

"Your accounts (Government, Business, Personal & Private) have been deactivated & all data has been deleted. A Universal Global & International Warrant has been issued for your apprehension, detainment & prosecution due to the criminal activities you have engaged in.

This is a Universal Law Enforcement Message issued by the Universal Police Force".

The Universal Police Force®

**$21 Billion Dollar Non-Refundable Bond for any outside government, employee, contractor or law enforcement agency, employee or contractor.

Contact Chris Dwaine Christensen for payment information at:

406 E. 300 S. #05 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(385) 495-1222 008@universalpoliceforce.com

COPYRIGHT© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - Creator/Author/Owner/CEO
All Rights Reserved

Orders from Chris Dwaine Christensen: Nebadon Universal Military 210 Star Supreme Ultimate Master Commander General: Universal Police Force Captain: Planetary Prince of Urantia (earth) =

1. Targets =

NSA, CIA, SS, *FBI*, DHS, The Patriot Act, Secret Courts, Secret Orders, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Tri-lateral Commission, Bilderbergs, etc.

A. All terrorists and terrorist organizations in the world, including the Middle East, etc.

B. All corrupt and murderous Government personnel in the world, including all dictators, kings, presidents, militaries, etc.

C. All drug cartels and drug dealers in the world, including Mexico, Columbia, etc.

D. All corrupt and iniquitous individuals, including satanic and secular (Institutional/Organized) religions, etc.

E. Target any Drone aircraft or device that attempts to kill U.S. citizens without due process of law. Update March 7th, 2013 – C.D.C.

F. Target all corrupt, evil, murderous & money worshiping companies, corporations & conglomerates - For example; “Monsanto, Haliburton, The Carlisle Group, Blackstone, Comcast, etc., etc., etc. - Update March 14th, 2015 - CDC

This order is to be executed and began by March 8th, 2013 & April 14th, 2014

Signed by, Chris Dwaine Christensen, Planetary Prince – Owner, 888 Star Supreme Ultimate Absolute Master Commander General in Arms, Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Urantia Universal Military - Sovereign Chief and Captain of the Universal Police Force  M16 Majestone Mobile Gun Systems Master Gunner & Owner March 6th, 2013 6:21 PM MST USA HQ

Site First Established On March 3rd, 2013

New Site Created & Published On June 22nd, 2014

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65 Business Strategies To End All Wars On Urantia

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17. Majestone Enterprises® File and Entity Number 9263666®,

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20. Majestone Music® File and Entity Number 10325918®,

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22. Majestone Wireless® File and Entity Number 10290139®,

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28. Mechalona Castles® File and Entity Number 10437653®,

29. Modern Trend Fashions® File and Entity Number 10402551®,

30. Nebadon Criminal Investigation Services® File and Entity Number 10437647®,

31. Nevada USA Utah State Gratification And Gaming Company Owner® File and Entity Number 10513243®,

32. Paradise Club Holders Association® File and Entity Number 10402514®,

33. Pawn Brokers Exchange® File and Entity Number 10177269®,

34. Rainbow Weapon American Indian Victor Tribe® File and Entity Number 10325902®,

35. Sequestrator Operating System® File and Entity Number 10177262®,

36. StarGazer Browser® File and Entity Number 10444547®,

37. Star Gazer Hospital® File and Entity Number 10444545®,

38. The Majestone Universal Stock Market Company® File and Entity Number 10286371®,

39. TheRoadHome.Property® File and Entity Number 10286364®,

40. The School of Majestone® File and Entity Number 10400969®,

41. United Immigration Center Of America® File and Entity Number 10364821®,

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43. UniversalPoliceForce.Com® File and Entity Number 8600035®

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47. Urantia Earth Department Of Education And Student Loan Finance Owner® File and Entity Number 10371281®

48. Urantia Earth Gold, Gemstones, Precious Metals And Minerals Owner® File and Entity Number 10286365®,

49. Urantia Earth Oil, Gas, Chemical, Solar And Universal Energy Company® File and Entity Nmber 10286369®,

50. Urantia Earth Planetary Land, Electricity, Food, Water, Financial Institutes, Housing, Real Estate And Profitable Material Sales Owner® File and Entity Number 10149147®,

51. Urantia Earth Resources Manager And Planetary Owner® File and Entity Number 10116691®,

52. Urantia Earth Universal Communications Company® File and Entity Number 10251630®,

53. Urantia Earth Universal Indigenous Creatures Air, Fire And Souls Owner® File and Entity Number 10325872®,

54. Urantia Earth Universal Transportation Company® File and Entity Number 10286367®,

55. Urantia Earth Utah Country Estate Owner® File and Entity Number 10400968®,

56. Urantia Earth Utah State, County, City, Angels, Light, Rain And Skies Owner® File and Entity Number 10325873®,

57. Urantia Earth World Wide Web Internet Owner® File and Entity Number 10364620®,

58. Urantia International Peacekeepers Union® File and Entity Number 10401245®,

59. UrantiaPlanetaryGovernment.Com® File and Entity Number 10364496®,

60. Urantia Schools, Storage, Distribution Sales And Employment Agency Owner® File and Entity Number 10402539®,

61. UrantiaUniversalMilitary.Com® File and Entity Number 10364611®,

62. Urantia Utah Rescue Mission® File and Entity Number 10402581®,

63. Utah City Storage, Warehouse, Distribution And Sales Company® File and Entity Number 10402540®,

64. Weapon® File and Entity Number 10115163®

65. Windows11® File and Entity Number 10446322®

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*All Rights Reserved. *All Violators Will Be Prosecuted.

Judgment For The Plaintiff – Awarded To Chris Dwaine Christensen

<Find Sequestrator Operating System index content, compile guilty characters, impose monetary & physical assets for penalties, confiscate bank accounts, real estate, jewelry, precious metals, Titles, Deeds, property, automobiles and send all retrieved and confiscated items as fines and penalties due to pay Chris Dwaine Christensen until $21,000,000,000 ($21 Billion Dollars) per count & individual criminal is paid in full.>

August 14th, 2016

<*Chinese & Constituents of Chinese Association are found guilty and will comply immediately or the Urantia Universal Military will engage and destroy all Chinese forces, assets, finances, businesses, communications, transportation and factories.

Chris Dwaine Christensen Presiding Universal Police Force Officer, Universal Military Commander, Founder & Owner/Operator.>

The Majestone Family Parents Committee

May 31st, 2015

This Majestone Parents Committee consists of all current family members who have had children so far. Some parents have delivered children on multiple occasions and some parents have had children only once.

On March 16th, 2015 Alicia Victoria became the 78th parent in the Majestone Family. This is according to my records but, I am not the Master Record Keeper for our family. ***I am not responsible for any mistakes that I make when publishing family matters. The Angels and other members of our family are better record keepers and will always be the final authority of exact numbers of family members, including parents, children and dates thereof.

I am creating and establishing this Majestone Parents Committee for overseeing special family matters and giving our family the benefit of entrusting a specific group of family members with over care and concerns related to our family and especially our children.

Established on May 31st, 2014 by Chris Dwaine Christensen – Majestone

June 1st, 2015 – The Majestone Family Parents Committee elected Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone as President of our new parents committee.

1. Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - President (Instructs Voting Procedures 6-1-15)

2. Danielle Ann Christensen Majestone - CEO

*First order of Business: President Majestone votes for Danielle Ann Christensen Majestone for the position of CEO. (12:32 AM 6-1-15)

*Unanimous vote for Danielle Ann as CEO of our new The Majestone Family Parents Committee®, Incorporated® Inc. & MAJESTONEPARENTS®, Inc. #662 of The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®©

Copyright ©2015 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2015 Christ Michael 611,121st

Copyright ©2015 Majestone

Wendover Power And Gas Company Owner® Chris Dwaine Christensen 9 26 17

LYNXSTAR® Writer Software Applications Programming Company Owner, Author, Inventor, Copyright Owner, Patent Owner Chris Dwaine Christensen-Christ Michael-Childreamia-Majestone-Weapon-Zepitron 62-008100 Copyright© 2017 LYNXSTAR® Chris Dwaine Christensen® Copyright© 2017 WINDSTAR® Established Language Criteria: WARNING: **DO NOT COPY** **DO NOT STEAL** **LETHAL & DEADLY CONTENTS** Copyright© 2017 LYNXSTAR® Copyright© 2017 WINDSTAR® Chris Dwaine Christensen P.O. Box 1436 81A S. 1st Street Suite 9A Wendover, Utah 84083 008@universalpoliceforce.com Copyright© 2017 Chris Dwaine Christensen® All Rights Reserved!! Death Penalty Imposed To Any And All Violators!!

Legal Notice:

MajestoneQ Children’s Blog

was a blog attached to the domain. *They also tried to steal “The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation.Com” website by threatening to attach a “CA” on the end of it!! *Also Chinese people at the “OVERNIGHTER MOTEL” (Salt Lake City, Utah) are also part of the international thieves who have stolen Majestone Enterprises property in June 2016 which includes $1,000 (thousands of dollars) of computer equipment, company property, company files, creations, etc., etc., etc.

CEO/Owner - Chris Dwaine Christensen

Creator - Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright Owner - Chris Dwaine Christensen

Sovereign Chief - Chris Dwaine Christensen

Captain - Chris Dwaine Christensen

MEINC CEO - Karen Divinscia Christensen

Supreme Master Chief - Darlene Adrianna Christensen

UBIA Director - Apricotia Lacey Christensen

Regional Sergeant - Joshua Benjamin Christensen

Regional Sergeant - Michelle Rachel Christensen

A.I. Net SyStems®

ElectroNet® Force

Majestone Lumber And Furniture Company®

Lock Code Eye 606 Urantia 62-008100 2112®

Urantia Earth Seeds, Sowing And Harvesting Company®

Destruction Of AntiChrists, False Prophets And TheBeast®

Paradise Universal Law Statute Enforcement® P.U.L.S.E.®

Lock Code Key Earth 606 Urantia 62-008100 Star Date 2112 ZXY edoC

Majestone Enterprises Satellite Uplink Transceiver Network

Of Urantia Earth Sky Way Communication Systems®

Shoot To Kill Any One Who Tries To Implant You Period!!

Refuse To Let Them Implant You With Chips. Utilize Self Defense In These Cases Since It Is A Threat To Your Free Sovereignty & Rights To Justice Of Self Preservation.

Web Suit ~ Law Suit – Federal Claims Court –

Utah Washington DC U.S.A. Nevada

First Web Filing July 24th, 2016

*Revised April 29th, 2017 *Revised May 17th, 2017

Fourth Main Revision August 24th, 2017

Chris Dwaine Christensen (Father)


Quincy Kristine Pendry (Daughter) 9/10/99


AKA: “Christensen & Pendry Law Firm®”

CDC - United States Citizens -
Birth Certificate No. 62-008100
DOB: 12/16/1962
Time: 6:18 AM MST
Place: Sunrise Hospital
Las Vegas, NV
Winchester (Paradise) Township
Clark County

*Retroactive Filing: December 16th, 1962 ~

The Corporation of the United States of America, The United States Corporation, The Federal Reserve, The Federal Reserve Bank, etc. and Any & All Associates, Subsidiaries, Conglomerates, Sister Organizations, Corporations, Companies or Businesses.

To Wit;
Chris Dwaine Christensen is now bringing this case as a Law Suit with and in Trust also for Quincy Kristine Pendry to be litigated in Federal Court & on the World Wide Web as a Web Suit & Web Law Suit, over the undeniable proof and evidence of premeditated theft of personal, private and business Property, Funds, Bonds, Assets, Stock Shares, Sales of Stock Shares & many other business transactions in and from the Corporation of the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve Bank, System & Act has stolen the use of our Birth Certificates & our Social Security Card Accounts *Known as a Treasury Direct Account (TDA), without my & her knowledge and without my or her consent and without our parent’s consent or knowledge, and the Federal Reserve Bank have used it to gain monetary and other physical estates, financial assets and banking funds of major proportions and real estate properties and did also premeditatedly withheld all these riches and wealth from me and my family.

So that the United States Citizens: Chris Dwaine Christensen & Quincy Kristine Pendry can and will be fully re-paid, compensated & awarded all the monies, Bonds, Treasury Notes and/or Bonds, Assets, Collateral & Sales of Stock Shares, plus Physical Assets such as Real Estate, Gold, Platinum, Silver and other Properties that will at least be equal or of value more than is rightfully due “Chris Dwaine Christensen & Quincy Kristine Pendry” who has been robbed, cheated, lied to, extorted from, embezzled & painfully victimized by the criminals who act with wanton disregard of the life, the happiness, the welfare, security & prosperity of a natural born child of God and his natural born daughter and fellow Human Being.

All that shall be legally and rightfully justified to the full satisfaction of these innocent citizens of the Nation and Country of the United States of America.

This Suit for reclamations, restitution, reimbursements, allocations, re-payments, penalties, rewards and awards shall be a minimum of $86 Billion Dollars each ($28 Billion x 3 + $2 Billion) and allowed to reach the maximum potential of $21 Trillion Dollars ($21,000,000,000,000 USD (which would be in representation of multiple thousands of United States Citizens) and shall be paid in full, plus interest, immediately in no more than 12 monthly payments and with no less than 4 years of monthly payments if necessary.

This is the lawful act and true binding process of sequestering for the sequestration of a public informed and allotted jury. This is the immediate sequestering of property, monies and any thing that will be equal to or more than what I, Chris Dwaine Christensen & Quincy Kristine Pendry am owed.

This is the legal action of taking possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met. This is also the proper action of taking forcible possession of my properties and other values. It may also be required to confiscate anything of value if this court injunction is ignored so it may also be necessary to sequestrate the trade union for assets that may follow.

This is the writ authorizing such sequestering; I am now ordering the legal process by which such sequestering shall be immediately accomplished. So therefore I demand the sequestration of any and all of the incriminating correspondence in any situation that requires an act of declaring anyone, entity, share holder, share holders, the whole corporation or part of the corporation or corporations to relinquish assets even if bankruptcy is deemed necessary for the forcible collection of funds, assets, shares, property or any thing of value to ensure that we are properly compensated. This action may also necessitate making a general cut in government spending for any measure that brings the federal budget closer to sequestration and efficient operations.

*All interested parties shall be advised and publicly notified.

1st A - Adjudicating Witness & Victor: Quincy Kristine Pendry

1st B -Adjudicating Witness & Victor: Chris Dwaine Christensen

2nd Adjudicating Witness: “Christ Michael"

3rd Adjudicating Witness: “Majestone"

4th Adjudicating Party: “UniversalPoliceForce.Com"

5th Adjudicating Witness, Universal Federal Prosecutor & Executioner “Weapon


“Chris Dwaine Christensen Birth Certificate”


“Quincy Kristine Pendry Birth Certificate”

*Address Currently Being Verified*

Chris Dwaine Christensen

(Paid Mailing & Shipping)

406 E. 300 S. Unit 105

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Chris Dwaine Christensen

(Current Residence)

81A South 1st Street

Suite 9A

Wendover, Utah 84083

Copyright© 2017 Majestone Enterprises®

Copyright© 2017 Majestone

List of Companies Trading On My Social Security Card Number/Birth Certificate (9691)

Include Records Pending Validation

LEILegal NameCountryEntity Status

549300BHI21L4OYPOT87Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - MetLife Separate Account No. 683United States    Active     

684SRCVNI0WBB3UFU490Fidelity Short Intermediate Commingled PoolUnited States    Active     

68UVVLEGYGS11M7FBH52William Street Commitment CorporationUnited States    Active     

68X3JPPL5KBIT0ZBO938UBS (CH) Institutional Fund 2 - Global Real Estate Securities Passive IISwitzerland    Active     

6H8P3MPVST1J15UNVO87683 Capital Management, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300I2HN16C0U0S825T-C 685 Third Avenue Owner LLCUnited States    Active     

688X3UTHO26HJG0GZI15Buena Vista Fund Management, LLCUnited States    Active     

5493001NH4ZBENRB7G39Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - MetLife Separate Account 686United States    Active     

549300GKDRQLUZG66I59Odyssey Foods of 684, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300SLULRVCP9MBQ20530 Emerson Street, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300QBRFJM6FHY3T82530 Paramus LLCUnited States    Active     

549300TRK2BQQQUPV652Gray Courtney Chase 5301, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300Q535FXYIXUPG83BOP 685 Market LLCUnited States    Active     

549300L6UIVH7X3IOS52530 Jackson Street Inc.United States    Active     

5493005N8HZBR01VOY78530 Adler Realty RL, L.L.C.United States    Active     

549300C87M8VTYROBC38Drawbridge 5301 Southwest Parkway, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300LIX035Y4WUX778CA/Argent Block 68 Lincoln, LLCUnited States    Active     

5493001OKQZOUMWIGG416800 Broken Sound LLCUnited States    Active     

5493003UEBW2OKOEZH12RXR 530 Fifth Office Owner LLCUnited States    Active     

549300FXCTQIHG0ZOG77688 DC LLCUnited States    Active     

549300OV6WV6NXZR3J38RA 6800 Jericho Turnpike LLCUnited States    Active     

5493001LQNV3M7CSKY92685 Fifth Avenue Owner LLCUnited States    Active     

549300BOO3NRLGJ5L502SVT 530 Maryville Centre, L.P.United States    Active     

549300T7QZ0O82I27305680 Evergreen, LLCUnited States    Active     

680BQC8QTR6VFH4U8N23Stichting Pensioenfonds HoogovensNetherlands    Active     

549300MMZVS740007U416840 LLCUnited States    Active     

68HO1WQZO1LHKJ2ZX771Goldman Sachs Institutional Funds Public Limited CompanyIreland    Active     

549300XUDR2LRGHV0835685 New Hampshire LLCUnited States    Active     

549300XLVQVJNHW3SV41687 Amsterdam Avenue Retail LLCUnited States    Active     

549300N4UJH6WGTYL228SMP 5303 Spine LLCUnited States    Active     

549300FJMROTMBKD2Y39530 Fifth Mezz, LLCUnited States    Active     

5493003ZOD0QP06C0D62TRT Whitman 682 Bedford LLCUnited States  Inactive  

549300IKTQC0K2WVDJ83Piret (34 and 38 - 53016 Highway 60) Holdings Inc.Canada    Active     

549300O3969ZL1O0KS11681 Lexington Avenue Associates LLCUnited States    Active     

54930055RMCHJKYZ94372162-68 8th Avenue Realty, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300TPD65EPGLELW74KIC 685 Washington LLCUnited States    Active     

5493007SQELFUIFS8489OC 530 Offshore Fund, Ltd.Cayman Islands    Active     

549300U1UQCGNTOK7P626839640 Manitoba LtdCanada    Active     

549300DCELVCSHQHMQ876851932 Canada Inc.Canada    Active     

6ZUK2GHDNYQPNW8SLM66685 Allerton LLCUnited States    Active     

549300557S0FU53SWQ37Canton Horizon 685 LLCUnited States    Active     

5493004UXTBLF90OMZ556807 N Sheridan Property Owner, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300AWBGZP0S8DJV67The Benenson 68th Parkway Key LLCUnited States    Active     

5493002BK6Z7RESJWL51Atlas Portfolio Select SPC acting for and on behalf of its Segregated Portfolio 68Cayman Islands    Active     

5493003JEBVDVYY89321684-690 South Berendo Investors LLCUnited States    Active     

5493005165LHUPO8NJ9368 Beale Street LLCUnited States    Active     

54930070T96F0DUXH233G&I IX 6840 Pontius LLCUnited States    Active     

68CX631WUJ11Y2REJ727Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund II (D) L.P.Cayman Islands    Active     

549300FSWSX1DV3NUF43Vision 68th, LLCUnited States    Active     

5493007WK7R1LYTS5E72Thor 680 Madison Ave LLCUnited States    Active     

54930012FORN2K812F846895 Sierra Center Parkway LLCUnited States    Active     

5493008PBHR2DGTV0K08Thor 680 Madison Ave Mezz II LLCUnited States    Active     

549300PD0C6RJ7WJ642860-68 West 107 Mezz LLCUnited States    Active     

68NQ4IJL37BMRRDHLU59PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series Public Limited Company - StocksPLUS™ FundIreland    Active     

549300TNWVPPVKPIXU05NB 530 Offshore Fund, Ltd.Cayman Islands    Active     

549300EUQPHIHO108E18Atlas Portfolio Select SPC acting for and on behalf of its Segregated Portfolio 530Cayman Islands    Active     

549300YL6H0OWY6F2E57Hwy 68 Apts, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300XX8DH4PEI8ND595309 New Utrecht NY, LLCUnited States    Active     

5493001XLHIV190VBN029142-6825 Québec Inc.Canada    Active     

5493000936WDWKORIU71Arcade Finance - Series No: 2012-68 LIFE Asian opportunity 1 Notes Due 2017Ireland    Active     

549300VJBFQ6ODCJFI8168 Associates, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300C65IE2KG1V726311 East 68th Street LLCUnited States    Active     

549300PRKUWV5GDMX882Portfolio CDS Trust 68United States  Inactive  

68BKYO1JC791TTJHUE82Belden Inc.United States    Active     

5493002LG53ZRWQZ0R54BlackRock LDI 680United Kingdom    Active     

549300E8K7JG8SYM7Z93683 Capital Partners, LPUnited States    Active     

549300IY5UYM84WJVM25686 Rosewood Ave LLCUnited States    Active     

549300DX5GZUMLGPSR29SPUS8 680 Washington Blvd, LPUnited States    Active     

549300WVTBRBTRL6F255Ogden 686 LLCUnited States    Active     

549300CGV1179XOQ8816Lake Worth 6803, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300Z408HNY3YMIV7934 East 68th Street LLCUnited States    Active     

RLP1BMDA31G7IUKRN854681LEX Land, L.P.United States    Active     

549300MOJ7ODN3OMZR50Galaxy Plus Fund - ADG Systematic Macro Master Fund (530) LLCUnited States    Active     

549300J3HZPJ7LQGUC2768 Spring Street, LLCUnited States    Active     

5493006YEJJZP1L5W748T-C 685 Third Avenue Mezzanine LLCUnited States    Active     

549300FU3X5V5RHCLG065301 Dansher, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300CVESRO3S2YY990Exit 68, L.L.C.United States    Active     

549300VUKJG0Q07VI6456855572 Manitoba Ltd.Canada    Active     

549300F7LLY6KUEZ3R88530 Broadway Owner LLCUnited States    Active     

5493004XF36K79BJXU55Kearny 530, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300DS0ZTILKLVZM32Incapital Unit Trust, Series 68 - Nuveen 2015 Equity Outlook PortfolioUnited States    Active     

549300P837OVMVYIXD10688 Walnut Street Properties, LLCUnited States    Active     

5493008AHWHIPH03EZ1168 Bellevue Realty TrustUnited States    Active     

549300TDWLHIG2ZSTT52Community College District No. 530United States    Active     

5493006QOCSQO9JSAH55G&I IX 5300 Ulmerton LLCUnited States    Active     

5493009YG030I45VWR39680 Fargo, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300WBMC4VO58J0E8960-68 West 107 Associates LLCUnited States    Active     

68LQJ5NLUNQI2T9OLL41BlackRock MuniVest Fund, Inc.United States    Active     

549300UZ7867WLDKG0566850 SW 81st Terrace, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300UTYK48HIGNUP56530 Main Realty LLCUnited States    Active     

54930051TOCNY9J22W556881530 Canada Inc.Canada    Active     

549300W8SYGNLWGUYY54530 Fifth Retail, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300W23JXMIZTD4Q19Thor 680 Madison Ave Mezz LLCUnited States    Active     

549300ML5F3ONPDE9Z776807 N Sheridan Mezz Member, LLCUnited States    Active     

549300G87RZYU9RZ1N32680 Investors, L.L.C.United States    Active     

68PN41MLX88AELUZRY74Strategic Value Global Opportunities Master Fund, L.PCayman Islands    Active     

549300Y1W65A4MQIMV92Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - MetLife Separate Account No. 687United States    Active     

5493004W0HJ4DUHRIK71530 Broadway Mezz LLCUnited States    Active     

549300PN87FOQ6US0Z925301 Properties LLCUnited States    Active     

5493001CHFQLFX7LYQ46Crystal Lake 680 Medical Properties, LLCUnited States    Active     

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